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Santa Suits and a large variety of Christmas costumes & accessories

Santa Claus costumes, Mrs Claus Costumes, Santa's Helper for a beautiful Christmas celebration-High quality. We are really happy to offer pretty costumes for your Holiday party.


Santa complete v10082

Santa-Suit-complete 114,95€

Santa Velvet complete v10083

Santa-Suit-Velvet-complete 239,95€

Santa Plush complete v10084

Santa-Suit-Plush-complete 189,95€

Santa Claus USA 05A v10080

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-05A 129,95€

Santa Claus USA 07A v10091

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-07A 329,95€

Santa Claus USA 04A v10077

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-04A 179,95€

Santa Claus USA 04B v10078

Santa-Claus-Suit-04B 199,95€

Santa Claus USA 06A v10090

Santa-Claus-Suit-USA-06A 199,95€

Santa Claus USA 01A v10072

Professional-Santa-Suit-USA-01A 269,95€

Santa Claus USA 01B v10073

Professional-Santa-Suit-USA-01B 329,95€

Father Christmas USA 02B v10075

Father-Christmas-Suit-USA-02B 409,95€

Santa Vest USA 02 v10086

Santa-Claus-Vest-USA-02 59,95€

Santa Pants USA 02A v10087

Santa-Claus-Pants-USA-02A 125,95€

Christmas Overalls USA 02 v10085

Father-Christmas-Overalls-USA-02 235,95€

Majestic Santa Claus v10040

Professional-Majestic-Santa-Claus-Suit 699,95€

Majestic Santa Claus B v10079

Professional-Santa-Claus-B 779,95€

Mrs Claus USA 02B v20043

Mrs-Claus-Dress 199,95€

Mrs Claus M2 v29645

Mrs-Claus-Suit-M2 49,95€

Mrs Claus 22 v29644

Mrs-Claus-Long-Dress 24,95€

Santa Claus parade mascot v39456

Santa-Claus-parade-mascot 89,95€

Elf A1 v39395

Adult-Elf-A1 119,95€

Elf H3 v10089

Elf-Suit-H3 149,95€

Elf F1 v29178

Elf-F1 59,95€

Elf Costume F4 v29858

Elf-Costume-F4 22,95€

Elf Man H2 v19731

Elf-Man-Costume-H2 26,95€

Elf Man XL-H2 v19732

Elf-Man-Costume-XL-H2 29,95€

Santa Claus Tradi M3 P40253

Santa-Claus-Tradi-M3 59,95€

Santa Claus Tradi M1 P40240

Professionnal-Santa-Claus-tradi-M1 89,95€

Santa Claus Tradi M2 P40241

Professionnal-Santa-Claus-tradi-M1 114,95€

Mrs. Claus P40239

Mrs.-Claus 64,95€

Christmas Eyebrow-Stick An0115

Christmas-Eyebrow-Stick 4,99€

Santa Eyebrows An0116

Santa-Eyebrows 24,95€

White Luxurious Gloves An0123

White-Luxurious-Gloves 18,95€

Stuffed Belly An0122

Santa-stuffed-belly-professional 49,95€

SLuxurious Santa Belt An0117

SLuxurious-Santa-Belt 54,95€

Leather Santa Belt An0163

Leather-Santa-Belt 225,00€

Santa Cast Buckle An0164

Santa-Cast-Buckle 39,95€

Santa Claus Suspenders An0129

Santa-Claus-Suspenders 39,95€

Velvet Toy Bag An0124

Velvet-Toy-Bag 49,95€

Velvet Toy Bag M2 An0157

Velvet-Toy-Bag-M2 49,95€

Plush Toy Bag An0125

Plush-Toy-Bag 39,95€

Majestic Toy Bag An0126

Majestic-Toy-Bag 49,95€

Santa Boots std As0039

Santa-Boots-Standard 84,95€

Santa Boots std2 As0084

Santa-Boots-std2 94,95€

Santa Claus Boots As0041

Santa-Claus-Boots-Wide-Calf 99,95€

Black Boots H3 As0083

Black-Boots-H3 74,95€

Black Boots H2 As0042

Black-Boots-H2 84,95€

Elf shoes M3 Ax1054

Elf-shoes-M3 29,95€

Elf shoes M2 Ax1049

Elf-shoes-M2 9,95€

Christmas hat chair covers Dz0080

Christmas-hat-chair-covers 2,45€

Christmas Bell An0156

Christmas-Bell 39,95€